Fall is my most favorite season!  Vibrant orange, red, and yellow leaves create a beautiful canvas across the landscape.  What a wonderful time to stop, look, and reflect upon what fall truly means to you.  Is it the smell of pumpkin spice?  The colors changing?  Bonfires and football games?  Crisp, cooler air circulating all around making us pull out our warm, fuzzy blankets?  Or is it something less comforting, like brown and dead leaves?

I’ll tell you what fall means to me…..To me it signals the upcoming end of a year filled with countless precious memories.  I watched my oldest learn how to ride a bike without training wheels finally (She’s nine!).  While my youngest ventured into Kindergarten, making new friends and learning everyday.  Surrounded by numerous family members, I celebrated my sweet Mamaw turning 90 years old!!  Not too many people can say that I’m sure!  These memories and much more (as evidenced on my phone, ha ha) all hold a special place in my heart for 2017.  And we still have 1 full month left to create new memories!

Don’t get me wrong.  My life is not all unicorns and rainbows!  Difficulties have also come my way in 2017.  Pressures at work, losing loved ones, children misbehaving, all stress this girl out!  I try to learn from these situations and emerge a stronger, smarter, more dependable person.

Finally, and most importantly,  it is being so grateful for the awesome blessings, and heartaches, that the good Lord up above has allowed me to experience.  I am not entitled to any of it: my home, family, wonderful job and job family, great friends.  He continues to amaze me everyday!

So now I must ask……What does fall mean to you?


By: Cindy Darr





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