Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Nothing like warm weather to get you in the mood to open the windows, clean out your closets, and do yard work!  March is a great time to start working in the yard or getting the garden prepped.  Picking up limbs, raking leaves, and maybe even removing that old shrub that died over the winter are all necessary jobs to get the yard in tip-top shape.  Before you crank that tractor to do some demolition, be sure to call Before You Dig (BUD).  Kentucky 811 is a free service that can save you tons of money!  Lets answer the who, what, and how of Kentucky 811.

Who is Kentucky 811?

Kentucky 811 is comprised of operators and owners of underground facilities whose main goal is to protect these facilities and the public.

What is Kentucky 811?

Kentucky 811 is a location service that promotes public safety and deters costly damages to the facilities.  It contacts utilities (phone, water, gas, etc) to locate and mark underground lines.

How do I contact Kentucky 811?

Its easy!  Just dial 8-1-1.  Qustions will be asked to determine the location of your job site and what you will need located.  A website, http://www.kentucky811.org is also available.

Here are some tips from Kentucky 811:

In Kentucky:
1. Call 811 two business days prior to excavation.
2. Wait the required amount of time
3. Respect the marks
4. Dig with care

So save yourself a headache, and some money and give BUD a call!

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